If you are interested or simply love Musical Theatre then there could well be ways to help us build this site.  A few hours a month could help us to archive this vast collection and make it available for all to use. Make it happen - volunteer with one of the UK's most successful specialist conservation movements. Looking for an exciting and interesting way to make a difference in conserving the history of musical theatre and the UK's heritage? Whatever your interests or skills, we would love to hear from you. Learn new skills, meet new people, work right at the heart of the musical theatre world. Just imagine what you could do...


On the job training combined with structured learning opportunities will allow you to develop personally and professionally. We offer a number of opportunities for full-time voluntary work. We’d like to hear from you if you are: able to give 21 hours or more a week; available for at least three months; over 18 years old. Prospective employers value the kind of practical work experience you can gain through volunteering with the Trust. We expect our full-time volunteers to move on to paid employment or further training.


You can gain experience in many ways, for example: You could work alongside a web developer or publisher; You could assist the archivists with aspects of running and maintaining the Collections; You could help with categorisation, education and promotion: You could assist with production of video and audio related to the Trust's activities.


There are many other opportunities for individuals who can't commit full-time.

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